Thursday, August 28, 2014

Walking around Irkutsk

Hi there, today I went to the river Angara. It's not so hot near the water.
Here I saw plenty of small yachts 
and an old ice-breaker 'Angara'. This is one of the first Siberian ice-breakers, it was built in Great Brighton and launched in 1900. It worked on lake Baikal because the lake freezes in winter. Now it's a museum.
Oh, here is something new!!! I found ...... Eiffel Tower,. It's rather big for me.
But not so big, now I am bigger than it. Ha,ha,ha.
I finished the day with a chocolate cake 'Prague'. The children said "We want something sweet". "So do I", said I. We drank tea and enjoyed cake.

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