Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lights, Camera, Action!

Oh, Oh, Oh, I'm on Russian T.V!!!!
Isn't that fantastic....
At a meeting of Irkutsk postcrossers ( that's people who send lots of postcards all over the world, at a place called Postcrossing). And I was there with Natalia & her friends. Hello everyone....... 
Here is a photo of the film crew, Natalias friends and me.
Here is some translation for anyone not speaking Russian.
From Australia to Irkutsk
 He is not even 1 year old but he visited 4 countries of the world.
The young traveler visits different places of the world, staying in so called host families. One of such visits can last during months; by the way, the traveler moves not by autostop but, curious to relate, by post. (The text above was told by the news speaker before the video)
Meet, this tourist’s name is Tully. The future “pilgrim” was created last November by the Australian lady Angie Beck. She took a sock, which was wandering beforetime too, as a basic material. The first stop of the traveler was in Hong Kong there Tully tried the Asian cuisine, walked in the lawn of the Hong Kong Government Headquarters, Tamar Park. Then there were several cities in the USA, again Australia, and at last Russia, Irkutsk.
Here he was met by Natalia Valyushina. And as a hospitable hostess, the lady showed him sights. Together they walked along the central streets of the capital (here they mean that Irkutsk is the capital of Eastern Siberia), went to Listvyanka and even to Bratsk. As a real passenger he has always got documents with him. “It has got its own passport with all the information about this toy. In the passport there are so called visas. In every country and even in every city the real seal or the imitation of the seal is put when it arrived and when it left” – Natalia Valyushina told.
From the capital of Priangarie (Priangarie is another name of Irkutsk region because the large part of the area is around the river Angara) Tully will leave for London. Such round-the-world toy change is just a part of global postcrossing movement, when unfamiliar people from different corners of the world exchange by postcards. It must be said that before this travelling toy would step the shore of Foggy Albion, her English greeting to Irkutsk, to be more exact to Lilia Koroleva, the British Queen had sent. Some time ago the experienced Siberian collector sent Her Majesty a postcard, and not to answer the letter in England is mauvais ton. Lilia has several hundreds of cardboard greetings from different countries. And every card is unique and precious in its own way.
“Every postcard is an emotion, it’s a day which was defined by this card. It’s an opportunity to travel (staying at home) because the pace of life is so fast that often there is no opportunity to go anywhere. Here, for instance, I see … what is it? It’s Czech Republic. So wonderful view, I can say… as if I’ve already been there, watched it”, – says Lilia Koroleva, collector, the head of Irkutsk Postcrossers’ Club. Besides greeting with best wishes on the card, a postcrosser can write, for example, the recipes if the receiver would like to get them. However, sometimes the filling of the card is not so important. The main thing is to remember that you can send a card to another person without any reason (to give him pleasure).

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