Saturday, August 30, 2014

To Dacha again

overlooking the beautiful garden and to drink tea with a pie.
Here I saw a real Samovar! One of Natalia's colleagues baked a wonderful Hackberry (a kind of Cherry) Pie. Oh, that looks so good!!!
The day was cool enough and I climbed the Samovar to warm.
Such a lovely weekend.
Back in Australia Angie is doing a journal of my travels
also the two cuttings from local Yanchep Newspapers

I now start the last project before I leave Russia. Natalia is going to take photos of places in Irkutsk (the ones mentioned on the computer in that place called Wikipedia!). Apparently if you do a 'Google' search for Irkutsk, lots of pages come up with images and information!!  Isn't this amazing!!!
 I could stay with Natalia for longer but Alice in London is wanting me to go to her.
Here I am with the 'tram' in the background.

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