Friday, August 15, 2014

Tomorrow has come today

I'm still in Bratsk 
Hm-m… where am I? It’s a transparent shed; it’s called teplitsa [tep’litəsə]  a greenhouse. In the north people grow such vegetables as tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet pepper and others in greenhouses because summer is short and cool and these vegetables have no time to mature outdoor.
Natalia’s mum’s hobby is growing tomatoes. She reads special books, tries new sorts and discusses her success and problems with other gardeners.

Dacha where I stay is on the shore of the Bratsk reservoir. The citizens call it “Bratsk sea” because it’s one of the largest in the world.  I wandered in the water,
sat on the sand …,

and found a large root of the tree.
That day the weather was not sunny, it started raining.

Bratsk is surrounded by taiga (boreal coniferous forest)) and in the town there are many pine parks.

More adventures tomorrow!

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