Saturday, February 8, 2014

In Hong Kong

Arrived at Hong Kong on Jan 30th, which is also the Spring Festival’s Eve for Chinese. 
Just on time to join Natalie’s family dinner and enjoyed the Big Bowl Feast together.

On the bus to explore more about this foreign place. Feeling excited and a bit nervous!

Meet some new friends and enjoy the TV programmes together. 

Then we entered the MTR station at Mong Kok. It’s definitely the most crowded place in HK.

Waiting for a train at the platform.

On the way out again.

Passed by a typical wet market in Central.

Waiting seats outside Lan Fong Yuen. 
Looking forward to trying the famous HK-style milk tea here! 

Feel so full after having a yummy lunch in HK style. 
Seriously fall in love with milk tea. 

On the tram. 

Chill at the Tamar Park! Behind me are the new Hong Kong Government Headquarters.

In among the flowers.

Resting on the grass.

Naughty me climbed the tree! 

Rest on a rickshaw near the Central pier, feeling the old days of Hong Kong.

A typical tourist photo with the Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui! 

Enjoy the stunning night view.
Time for bed after a wonderful day in Hong Kong.